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Need to have your pet micro-chipped? Tammy now offers this service! (On a personal basis, to help raise funds for any feral that may need to be sterilised) We’ll micro-chip your fur-babies for a low cost of R200 per animal. The process is simple. One small jab and its done! The chip is as big as a grain of rice if not a little bigger. It won’t bother or cause any problem for the micro-chipped animal.

Why do we recommend micro-chipping?

Well in the case that your animal slips out un-noticed and is found by a concerned citizen, they can take that animal to a vet where they will be scanned for a chip. On the chip is the owners details that will help reunite you with your pet.


Swipe your MySchool My Village MyPlanet Card

Make every swipe count!  4Paws Animal Shelter is now a registered beneficiary of this wonderful programme.  By swiping your MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet card at every participating outlet, a percentage of the sales goes towards the maintenance of our Shelter.  Go to their website to find out more about this amazing community initiative.

Download the form below and send it right back to us and make every swipe count towards the upkeep and upliftment of our Shelter.

Click here to download the application form.

Vet’s Bill

Our monthly Vet’s bill is one of our biggest expenses but without the services of the amazing team at Paulshof Veterinary Clinic, we are unable to treat the many injuries of our pets, many of which are rescued from horrendous situations.  We desperately need help with our vet’s bill and every contribution towards this is appreciated.  Please make a donation to the Shelter or directly to our Vet using 4Paws Animal Shelter and your name as your reference.  Click onto the link at the top right of this page to make a donation or donate directly to our vet using the information below.

Paulshof Veterinary Clinic | First National Bank | Branch Code : 250655 | Account No :62163075651

Please Note :  When making payments directly to our Vet, please use the reference 4Paws_(your name) so we can correctly allocate the payment to our Shelter.

Find out more about the different ways to make donations to 4Paws Animal Shelter here.

Unsung Hero’s

Watch this amazing video which was made by Julia Theunissen as a tribute to our amazing Shelter staff who take care of our beloved pets!


This is a tribute to all the furbabies we lost this year so far. You stayed strong for as long as you could and while you are no longer suffering it hurts to miss you. Especially when we forget you are no longer with us.

This sweet boy suffered from a severe skin condition that eventually started affecting his behaviour, his eating habits, and even his bodily functions. July 31st 2021 we said goodbye to this beautiful boy.

This beautiful girl had cancer, we noticed her bulky sized body decrease as her condition got worse. On the day we were due to send her to the vet for the very last time she had passed away (April 28th 2021)


Please visit our Donors & Sponsors page to view our ‘special thanks’ to all our amazing supporters.  Without your generous assistance and donations, we would never be able to take such good care of our pets.

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Founder’s Note:

“We have improved the lives of many animals since we started in July 2006 but there are so many more animals in need. We are only able to do what our finances allow us to do.” 

  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Donations
To improve the quality of life of underprivileged animals. In our urban surroundings, the main categories are: squatter camp animals and feral cats.
To expand by obtaining more vehicles, employing more fieldworkers and to operate from our own clinic.
We are currently only relying on private donations, but we are also hoping to gain the support of the public sector. Should you wish to make any donations, we would be eternally grateful. You can either make a donation by using the online donation button on the website, or alternatively by making a direct bank deposit. Our banking details are as follows: Four Paws Nedbank, Fourways Branch code: 168405 Acc Nr: 1684110750