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March 2007


Please note that we are now registered as a Section 21 Non-profit organisation and we hope this will further our cause on different levels within our community and the business that support us.

Also note that our email addresses have changed. We have now registered our own domain name and from 01 April we will be using merinda@4ourpaws.org.za as our primary email address. Our web site address is at the bottom of the newsletter.

In a nutshell

When we started working in Bapsfontein squatter camp six months ago, there were mommy dogs with puppies everywhere.  There were sick dogs, thin dogs, puppies dying in backyards, dogs on short chains, etc, etc. There were diseases such as distemper, parvo, prolapse, mange, ringworm, billary and many more.  We treated, vaccinated, sterilised, took in litters of unwanted puppies and educated people about pet care.

Today, we see the huge difference we have made: healthy, happy dogs everywhere!.  This scenario is the same in every squatter camp where we work.

Two proud owners with their healthy, sterilised dogs.      

Teaching our pet owners today ensures a better life for our pets tomorrow...

House to House

On one of our house-to-house visits, we found two puppies locked up in a cage, with nothing but an empty bowl. After we explained to the owner that it is cruel and against the law to keep dogs in a cage, the situation still remained the same.  We confiscated the puppies and took them to Kitty & Puppy Haven (a shelter for puppies and kittens), where they have been re-homed to a very good home!

Caged... and now New Home - Happy Puppies!

On a sad note

On another journey, we met Tracy, a lady with two female dogs, and a mother cat with six kittens.  The kittens were very young and thus we could not take the mommy cat for sterilisation. We did however take her two female dogs for sterilisation. It was with great shock and horror on our return with her two dogs, that we found her house burnt to the ground.  The mommy cat managed to escape, but was unfortunately unable to save her six kittens.

All that remains
Sadly six kittens were killed in the blaze.

We are collecting poles and all sorts of building materials to help Tracy rebuild her house.
Contact me directly if you have any of these materials to spare...

Four Paws in Action

Nothing better than personal care....!

Feral Cats

We get daily phone calls from people with feral cats on their property, asking for our help.  Most people want to “get rid” of ferals, when in fact it is impossible to get rid of them. There are tens of thousands ferals living all over in our surroundings.  The only proven and humane way to deal with ferals, is to trap, sterilise, release and feed ferals. Read more about ferals on our website - Click here

Waiting to be sterilised...

On Another Sad Note

Aids is unfortunately taking its human toll everywhere. We had to say good bye to the owner of the first dog we sterilised in Bapsfontein squatter camp.  She is a lucky dog though, because her owner’s family is taking care of her now.  Most animals in these areas where we work, are left to fend for themselves when their owners die.

More on Four Paws

Our vision:

-To establish our own veterinary clinic with a qualified veterinarian.

-To reach more places with more trained staff and equipped vehicles.

-To mass-produce inexpensive, waterproof  kennels.

-To employ educational officers to visit schools and educate children about pet care and conservation.

-To train volunteers to help with trapping of ferals.

-To create awareness to the public about the necessity of animal welfare in underprivileged areas and promote sustained support.

What Four Paws is about:

Our aim is to improve the quality of life of underprivileged animals.  In our urban surroundings there are two main categories:  squatter camp animals and feral cats.

Squatter Camp Projects:

 The problems with our underprivileged animals are:

-Malnutrition, insufficient shelter & a lack of food and water.
-Animals become sick and injured and there is no medical care available.
-Animals are hit by cars on the roads, because there are no fences.
-Dogs are put on chains due to a lack of education.
-Animals are multiplying uncontrollably because there are no sterilisation programmes.
-Communicable diseases like distemper, parvo, mange, snuffles, etc. are spreading, because animals are not vaccinated.
-Unwanted animals, especially litters of puppies and kittens, due to overpopulation.

 What we do:

- Dipping and de-worming to prevent internal and external parasites.
-Intensive sterilisation campaigns to prevent unwanted litters and straying of animals over the roads in mating seasons.
-Removal of unwanted animals and re-homing to suitable homes.
-Vaccination to prevent deadly diseases.
-Veterinary treatment for injuries and diseases.
-Education about proper pet care.
-Humane euthanasia of terminally ill animals.
-Instilling awareness and respect for animals and the environment.
-Confiscation of animals where intentional cruelty occurs.

 Feral Projects :

Feral cats are a direct result of humans’ irresponsibility to have their cats sterilised, starting many years ago.   This has resulted in a huge overpopulation of cats and kittens living on the streets, multiplying even more.

 The problems and facts about our underprivileged cats are:

-People want to “get rid” of ferals, when in fact it is impossible to get rid of them.  There are tens thousands of ferals living all over in our surroundings.
-Where ferals are removed, a void is created and ferals from other areas soon fill that void.
- A sterilised feral colony will not allow other ferals to move in.
-Ferals keep the rat population under control, as rats are attracted to the same areas as ferals.
-Feeding ferals will ensure good health and minimize the spreading of diseases.
-Feeding ferals will not stop them from hunting rats, as hunting is a basic instinct.
-Ferals who are forced to live on rats and mice only, suffer from malnutrition and diseases.
-Ferals are being shot, poisoned and trapped & drowned all over by people.

 What we do:

-Trap, sterilise and release ferals.
-Educate people about ferals.
-Encourage people to take responsibility for ferals in their area and feed them.
-Trap as many feral kittens as we can, tame and re-home them, instead of letting them grow up on the streets.  It is however, a very difficult and time-consuming process to tame feral cats. 

Special Thanks

A special thank you to our donars:

Annatjie Prinsloo, Tersia Brits, Lourene Horn, Nicole Hattingh, Chris & Carol(Siliseal), Michael Rosenmann,  Anine Louw, Laura Grove, Avril Plots, Marlene Ming, Glynnis Jackson, D Bredenhann, Jan Coetzee, Krysia Back, Scoshane & Jonathan, Andrea Decker, Jason(U-care), Marius vd Walt. 

Thank you from all the staff at Four Paws, the underpriviliged pets and their owners.


Resources still being sought

-Financial support
-Dog kennels
-Dog and cat food
-A vehicle to transport animals
-Computer printer
-Medicines such as dip, de-wormer, anti-septic aids, vaccines etc.
-Volunteer veterinarians to do sterilisations
-Dog and cat carrriers
-Wendy House for Foster Animals


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