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Adoption Criteria

Most of our pets have come from seriously disadvantaged backgrounds and have frequently undergone rehabilitation and re-socialising activities at the 4Paws Animal Shelter.

In order to ensure we match the perfect pet to the perfect family, we need to maintain certain adoption criteria so we can be sure they go to loving families where their lives will be vastly improved.

In addition to the items below, we would normally do a home check to see if the environment is safe and suitable.

Adoption Criteria for Dogs

  • Is the garden fully fenced/walled ?
  • Who would be home with the dog/s during the day ?
  • Where would the dog/s sleep ?
  • Who would be responsible for the feeding and watering ?
  • Who would walk the dog/s ?
  • Would arrangements be made to take care of the dog/s during the family vacation?

Adoption Criteria for Cats

  • Are the other inhabitants of the home (dogs etc) cat friendly?
  • Would there be any problems with neighbours’ dogs
  • Is there a garden to the cat/kitten to play in?
  • Where would the cat/kitten sleep.
  • Is the home on a busy road.
  • Would arrangements be made to take care of the cat/s during the family vacation?
If you think you fulfill our Adoption Criteria, please fill in the form below and we will contact you to arrange a home visit.
Should your adoption application be successful, the price to adopt a dog is R1100  and R900 to adopt a cat.  This price includes the first vaccinations as well as sterilization and deworming.

Thank you for considering adopting one of our pets!


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