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Massive Community Effort 8th July 2017

Regular visitors to our site will know that the Department of Health issued a warning that if the 4Paws Shelter did not comply with new regulations regarding drainage etc, there would be dire consequences for our Shelter and put the lives of our beloved pets in jeopardy. All our pets have been rescued from sometimes terrible conditions and to put their lives at risk was causing us untold anxiety.

As soon as this news was published by the Fourways Review, we were overwhelmed by offers of assistance by the amazing people of our community.  We have already received so much help with the digging and building of the french drain and the drainage system, but on Saturday 8th July, the community came out in force to put in a final push to help us to our deadline.

Truckloads of people and provisions arrived to provide the necessary effort needed so we be able to keep our Shelter running and provide a safe haven for our beloved rescued pets.

We are now so very proud to announce that we are ready for our inspection from the Department & Health and all the pets will be on their best behaviour.  We will post regular updates of this amazing effort on our Shelter Projects page.

We did it !

Thanks to a huge community effort, we have installed 2 septic tanks and a French drain over the weekend thanks to Steyn City, specifically Tammy Menton and the amazing guys Chris and Gareth from 100% Projects and their incredible staff.

Thanks Chris & Gareth from 100% Projects

Between them they organized 2 x TLBs ( Tractor, loader,back hoe) to dig the 150meter trench and dig 2 very large holes.  All the pipe work was done, drains from all the kennels and the cattery were laid.  We cannot thank them enough for their unwavering commitment to helping us.

One of the Tractors, Loaders & Back Hoe which was used to dig the 150m trench and 2 VERY large holes!

Just take a look at Tammy, our Shelter Manager standing in one of the trenches dug in record time.

Tammy in the ditch. Not sure how she got back out again!

Saturday morning started with dread as it was pouring with rain, but right on schedule it stopped and the community arrived.

Raining but eager!

Work got started on the cattery – it was cleaned from top to bottom, completed insulated and re-kitted out with new and exciting equipment for the cats. Loads of new cat baskets were provided for our very happy cats.

Very snazzy cat baskets for the very happy cats!

In the 2nd cattery , the area was completely concreted (Chris & Gareth – 100% Projects again – thanks so much guys!)

A garden was planted at the entrance to the shelter.  The container was completely cleaned and sorted.  All the kennels were scrubbed, the dogs groomed and the dog runs were weeded.  Shade-net was put up for the dogs.

Garden cleaned up and new plants provided

Bakkie loads of rubble was taken away.  We even had a vendor providing  food and drink to keep our volunteers nourished.

Thank you to everyone that turned up and helped on Saturday.  This was an amazing community effort and our thanks go out to each and every one of you.

We were nominated by the pets of 4Paws Animal Shelter to give huge thanks to the wonderful community for rescuing our Shelter. 4Paws is the best home we’ve had in our lives so far and we are so happy to still be here. Until we’re adopted, of course! Thanks from us all.