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Our Angel

This is our Angel.  She is a 10 year old girl who was dumped on Cluney Farm in Kyalami last November and had been living there ever since, with very little contact with humans and no regular food and water or even proper shelter.  A concerned member of the public contacted us for assistance and although we couldn’t get close enough to her for a long time, we managed to catch her and take her to our vet, Dr Craig, who treated her for a hernia on her tummy.  With the help of our regular sponsors and donors, we took over from there and gave her all our love and attention.  And of course lots of nutritious and healthy food.

Angel, then and now. Such hope in her eyes!

As soon as she was strong enough and we had reassured ourselves that she socialised well with other pets, we reluctantly considered letting her go out for adoption, and only when we were absolutely sure we had found another ‘Angel’ to adopt her, we reluctantly, but with happy hearts, said goodbye to our girl.

Hope in her eyes and a smile on her face!

We were thrilled when we received these photos from Angel’s new Mom as it is seldom that we’ve seen such hope in a dogs eyes and even a smile on her face.  She has a wonderful new human and dog family, with even a chicken to keep her company!

Here she is with her new doggy family and doesn’t she look pleased with herself.

Angel with her new dog family

Here she is taking a romp with her new Mom and her new mates.

…and, amazingly, taking a snooze next to the family Chicken!  What a good girl considering she had no interaction with humans or animals for such a long time.

Chicken rules the roost!

These Success Stories belong to all our amazing sponsors and donors.  This is just one of the many, many wonderful stories about the new lives we have been able to give to abandoned or unwanted pets, all because there are kind and generous people out there who go out of their way to sponsor us and help us to help our beloved Shelter Pets.

To Mandy Collins and others like her who adopt pets from us, you are all our Angels.  Thank You!

November 2017 Update

Such a pretty girl!

Just look at this gorgeous girl, so happy and youthful looking.

What a difference a loving home makes!