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Our Wishlist

Owing to all your kind donations, we have managed to make lots of progress with our shelter.  Please check out the updates on our Shelter News page.


Please visit our Shelter Projects and Donations page to view our ‘special thanks’ – without your generous assistance and donations, we would never be able to take such good care of our pets.

Please visit our Donations page if you are able to assist us at any stage.


We are still in need of the following items, if you are able to help, it would be greatly appreciated. Please email Tammy  or contact her on 083-377-3129.


Highest Priority

Vet’s Bill

Our monthly Vet’s bill is one of our biggest expenses but without the services of the amazing team at Paulshof Veterinary Clinic, we are unable to treat the many injuries of our pets, many of which are rescued from horrendous situations.  We desperately need help with our vet’s bill and every contribution towards this is appreciated.  Please make a donation to the Shelter or directly to our Vet using 4Paws Animal Shelter and your name as your reference.  Click onto the link at the top right of this page to make a donation or donate directly to our vet using the information below.

Paulshof Veterinary Clinic | First National Bank | Branch Code : 250655 | Account No :62163075651

Please Note :  When making payments directly to our Vet, please use the reference 4Paws_(your name) so we can correctly allocate the payment to our Shelter.

Find out more about the different ways to make donations to 4Paws Animal Shelter here.

Yes, we need VOLUNTEERS.  We need casual and weekend-warrior volunteers to help with the many numerous tasks at our Shelter.  We need warriors who are brave, fit and not afraid of hard work.  Sometimes dirty but always rewarding.  Kids from 12 years and up are welcome. Commit to 2 hours a week, 1 morning a week or whatever works for you.  Commit your husband for a few hours, bring all your staff etc.  Please note we are open during weekdays and on Saturdays by appointment.

If you wish to give a donation in lew of community hours, A combination of the following can be giving:

  • Doxiebiotic to boost our cat’s immune systems (High importance during the winter.)
  • Catnip for the kitties and hooves for the doggies.
  • 5 tins wet dog food and 5 tins wet cat food or 2 boxes of cat sachets.
  • 10 tins wet dog food or 10 tins wet cat food.
  • 12.5 bag of dry cat food or 4x 4kg bags of dry cat food.
  • 25kg bag of dry dog food or 5x 5kg bags of dry dog food.
  • 20 blankets for any cold fur-babies.
  • 5 bags of cat litter.

A combination of everything is welcome too.

4paws has the drive, but not the cars