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Our Wishlist

Owing to all your kind donations, we have managed to make lots of progress with our shelter.  Please check out the updates on our Shelter News page.


Please visit our Shelter News and Donations page to view our ‘special thanks’ – without your generous assistance and donations, we would never be able to take such good care of our pets.

Please visit our Donations page if you are able to assist us at a later date.

We are still in need of the following items, if you are able to help, it would be greatly appreciated. Please email Tammy  or contact her on 083-377-3129.

Highest Priority

4paws has the drive, but not the cars

High Priority


We are in very urgent need of wet cat food.  We have completely run out and we are unable to give the cats their supplements and their medications without wet cat food.

We are hoping we can count on you again.  If you are able to assist, please email Tammy.

Thanks again to all our first responders – we know who you are and we couldn’t do this without your help.

Shelter Resident Photographed by Gavin Klarmann

We urgently need to boost the immunity of the cats and kittens at our Shelter

Top of our wish list this week is for cat vitamins to help with this.

Your vet or Pet Store owner can advise which vitamins work best.

You can also order online from one of our sponsors, epetstore who will deliver directly to us.



Thanks to everyone!

Top Priority

  • A vehicle to transport animals or sponsorship of vehicle maintenance.
  • Second-hand, good-quality home, garden or office items for resale.
  • Blankets and baskets for dogs and cats.
  • Metal baths to bathe the dogs.
  • A regular donation by means of a monthly debit order either for a sponsored pet, our hard-working vet, or directly to the Shelter.
  • Volunteers!  Any weekday or weekend warriors are welcome!


  • Any cash donation is welcome.
  • Building Materials, such as :
    • Bricks
    • Shadenet
    • Cement
    • Wire
    • Chicken mesh
  • Food for the animals (soft and dry)  Our cats LOVE the Ideal brand of cat food and we are always in short supply.
  • Blankets and baskets for dogs and cats.
  • Cat Litter.
  • Leashes and harnesses for the dog’s daily walks and visits to the vet.
  • Sponsorships for :
    • Individual pets
    • All pets
    • Building
    • Veterinary bills
    • Shelter maintenance
    • Vehicle maintenance
  • Books for book sales.

Please use the Contact form below if you are able to assist us with any of the above items.

All donations and sponsorships are greatly appreciated.

Inquiry Form: You can use the form below, to inquire about the pet listed on this page.