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  • Added in May 22, 2017
  • Modified in July 28, 2017

Hi, I’m Gabana.  I’m a 4 year old girl who is very friendly, super-intelligent and such a quick learner.

In spite of being such a good girl, I have been at the 4Paws Shelter since I was a puppy and don’t know why I keep getting overlooked for adoption.  I am so eager to please and I socialize really well with the other dogs.

The Shelter has given me a long service award, but all I really want is to be someone’s pet.  I need a lot of attention because I’ve been here so long, but I will love you forever if you adopt me.

Update !

Hi Guys, It’s me, Gabana.  I was adopted on 24th July 2017 after being at the Shelter for such a long time.  I am now some kind person’s special girl and I will forever be grateful to 4Paws for taking such good care of me for so long.  Thanks guys.  I’ll update you on my new activities soon.

Here’s me having a final play with one of my favourite kennel mates!


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