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Starving Dog

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  • Added in May 10, 2017
  • Modified in May 25, 2017

The Story of Princess

We received a call from a concerned member of the public, about this poor emaciated dog, living on a dump site.  She had been eating anything from plastic to rubber!  We took her to our vet Dr Craig who advised that she can only be given a hand-full of food every two hours, as her stomach will not be able to digest large quantities of food.  She has to gain at least 10 kgs before they can sterilize her. She also has a big scar from an old, untreated injury on her back leg.

She is a very sweet, loving doggie who is now DESPERATELY looking for a very special home!  Please email Tammy  or call her on 073-377-3219 if you can offer her a home.

PLEASE help us to care for her by making a kind donation and please send this to all your friends and family?

  Update | Sunday 14th May 2017

Due to your kind donations and assistance, we are happy to announce that our ‘Princess’ is making a slow but strong recovery.  She is eating well and even barked late last week!

Owing to the cold weather and her extreme thinness,  Angie kindly allowed her the honour of wearing Biscuit’s jacket.  As you can see, she has a warm kennel and a nice thick blanket, all available because of your kind donations.  Doesn’t she look better!

Update | Wednesday 24 May 2017

Just take a look at our Princess now, only 2 weeks since we rescued her!  She has gained 5kgs since becoming a resident at 4Paws Shelter and here she is enjoying a nutritious meal.  She can now manage a bowl of food instead of just a handful and already her coat is glowing and she has even started wagging her tail and barking.



Thanks to all concerned for making it possible for 4Paws to help this gorgeous girl.








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