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Success Stories

4Paws Animal Shelter is committed to matching the perfect pet to the perfect owner.  Our initial home visit and our adoption criteria has provided us with an extremely high success rate.  We would love to hear your success story of your adopted pet.

Please email us if you would like to give us a short success story and perhaps a picture or video of your new pet.  We will send you a link so you can give us your story and upload your pictures.

We would love to post your success story in our Gallery!

Massive Community Effort 8th July 2017
Regular visitors to our site will know that the Department of Health issued a warning that if the 4Paws Shelter
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Hi I’m Bonnie, I used to be Beauty and I’ve recently been adopted by Rudolph.  I have a wonderful new
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Hi I’m Freddy but everyone calls me Eddie ‘cos that was my name at the 4Paws Shelter.  I was so
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Yoga Dogs
We are siblings and one of us was adopted by a really kind lady our area, but we really all longed
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Hi I’m Betty.  I used to be Emma when I was at the 4Paws Shelter.  This is me on my
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Hi I’m Barney.  I used to be Josh.  I loved my time at the 4Paws Shelter. Everyone was so kind
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