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The Story of Gabana

Hi, I’m Gabana.  I’m a 4 year old girl who is very friendly, super-intelligent and such a quick learner.

In spite of being such a good girl, I have been at the 4Paws Shelter since I was a puppy and don’t know why I keep getting overlooked for adoption.  I am so eager to please and I socialize really well with the other dogs.

The Shelter has given me a long service award, but all I really want is to be someone’s pet.  I need a lot of attention because I’ve been here so long, but I will love you forever if you adopt me.’




These were the words we used to describe the case of Gabana, who was spotlighted for a few weeks on our Home page. We were very always very confident she would eventually find a good home, but sometimes, in spite of all our best efforts, a pet stays at the Shelter for a long time.

In Gabana’s case, she had been at the Shelter for over 4 years and although this had become her new home, we felt she really wanted to be someone’s special girl.

Well, good things always happen at 4Paws Animal Shelter, read on below…..

 Update !

Our girl Gabana re-homed!

Hi Guys, It’s me, Gabana.  I was adopted on 24th July 2017 after being at the Shelter for such a long time.  I am now some kind person’s special girl and I will forever be grateful to 4Paws for taking such good care of me for so long.  Thanks guys.  I’ll update you on my new activities soon.

Here’s me having a final play with one of my favourite kennel mates!