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Hi I’m Freddy but everyone calls me Eddie ‘cos that was my name at the 4Paws Shelter.  I was so lucky to be adopted by such good people and I now live right across the road from Betty & Barney’s auntie. Betty and Barney were my kennel-mates at the Shelter and we were such good pals.

About a year after Betty and Barney were adopted by my auntie’s sister, my auntie fetched me from my house and took me to a field where I saw two other dogs walking with their mom.  One of the dogs ran over to me and when he got closer, I couldn’t believe my eyes!  It was Barney, from my Shelter.  Now I see them every Sunday and we run together in the veld, just like we did at the Shelter.

My mom and dad are away at the moment, but I don’t mind ‘cos they bring me such awesome stuff when they return.  The house-sitter also walks me every day so I’m a really lucky chap.  I loved being at 4Paws Animal Shelter, especially when we played in the veld with the other dogs.   I’m so grateful to 4Paws and all the people who donated towards my care. I am the happiest little dog in the world!