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Shelter Projects

There is always lots to do at 4Paws Animal Shelter and we sometimes have to take all the help we can get, including the unwilling recruits, left.

We’ve shown below some updates on our very latest projects.  We simply couldn’t do these special projects without the very generous donations and assistance of the public.

If there is anything you can donate towards our special projects, please visit our Wishlist and Donation pages.  All assistance is truly appreciated!

Latest Project | Building a French Drain

Digging a 130 meter long trench

On Saturday 17th June our amazing volunteers had to up-tools and dig a 130m trench for our new French Drain.  This is urgently required by the Department of Health and we had to recruit any willing volunteer, young, not-so-young and very young!

See below for more information.

Any assistance with our current project would be greatly appreciated.  Please email Tammy if you are able to assist in any way, or call her on 083 377 3219

Winter Blanket Drive for ALL Animal Shelters

It’s not just our pets at 4Paws Animal Shelter who feel the cold in winter, it’s the pets at ALL animal shelters.  This initiative provides aid to 50 shelters by providing blankets, dog jerseys and tons of much needed food.  Please visit this site to see if you can assist in any way.

French Drain
We recently made an urgent appeal for assistance with creating a Septic Tank and French Drain to urgently comply with
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Tarpaulins Right now we are covering the kennels with tarpaulins to keep the dogs warmer during the colder months and
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Water Heater
Finally, and with huge thanks to CopyWrite Office National, we are the proud owners of a new water heater kindly
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We were so excited to receive this truck-load of cement from Kwikbuild. Not only did they donate the cement, but
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We’ve said many times that we’re always busy at 4Paws Animal Shelter.  We have many, many projects on the go
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