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Huge Community Effort

This post will be updated.  Please check back again soon.

We’ve done it … we have installed 2 septic tanks and a French drain over the weekend thanks to Steyn City, specifically Tammy Menton and the amazing guys Chris and Gareth from 100% Projects and their incredible staff.

Thanks Chris & Gareth from 100% Projects

Between them they organized 2 x TLBs ( Tractor, loader,back hoe) to dig the 150meter trench and dig 2 very large holes.  All the pipe work was done, drains from all the kennels and the cattery were laid.  We cannot thank them enough for their unwavering commitment to helping us.

One of the Tractors, Loaders & Back Hoe which was used to dig the 150m trench and 2 VERY large holes!

Just take a look at Tammy, our Shelter Manager standing in one of the trenches dug in record time.

Tammy in the ditch. Not sure how she got back out again!

Saturday morning started with dread as it was pouring with rain, but right on schedule it stopped and the community arrived.

Raining but eager!

Work got started on the cattery – it was cleaned from top to bottom, completed insulated and re-kitted out with new and exciting equipment for the cats. Loads of new cat baskets were provided for our very happy cats.

Very snazzy cat baskets for the very happy cats!


In the 2nd cattery , the area was completely concreted (Chris & Gareth – 100% Projects again – thanks so much guys!)

A garden was planted at the entrance to the shelter.  The container was completely cleaned and sorted.  All the kennels were scrubbed, the dogs groomed and the dog runs were weeded.  Shade net was put up for the dogs.

Garden cleaned up and new plants provided

Bakkie loads of rubble was taken away.  We even had a vendor providing  food and drink to keep our volunteers nourished.

Thank you to everyone that turned up and helped on Saturday.  This was an amazing community effort and our thanks go out to each and every one of you.

This post will be updated.  Please check back soon.

If you had any time to take any pics or videos, please use the link below, or just give us a few comments on your experience on this wonderful day.

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